Pure Maple Syrup – 250ml Round Glass Bottle


250ml (8.45oz) of Connecticut Pure Maple Syrup in a beautiful glass bottle!

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Our 100% pure maple syrup is made in small batches using sap collected from our property in northwest Connecticut. Pure maple syrup is naturally organic and we don’t add any chemicals during the process like many other sugar makers do.

Boiled the old fashioned way over a wood fire, this syrup is the highest quality and is perfect for gift giving or simply enjoying yourself! The perfect natural sweetener, our syrup is great on pancakes, used in baking, and is delightful over ice cream!

Syrup is available in two sizes of decorative glass bottles, 100ml (3.38oz) and 250ml (8.45oz), and are finished with a country-style label and burlap cap cover.

Maple syrup grades relate to the color of the syrup as well as the strength of the maple flavor in the syrup. This season (2020) we have the following grades (all grade A): Amber color with Rich taste, Dark color with Robust taste, and Very Dark color with Strong taste. By far, the maple syrup connoisseur will opt for the darker grades as those are where the most complex and deep flavors reside, but the lighter grades are still extremely popular!

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