Who is Hartland Hollow Modern Homestead?

HHmH is the duo of Kerensa and Jonathan. This whole project started back in 2016 when, after living in a small condo for a few years, we decided that it was time to find a home with more room as well as some property. After a long and emotional journey, we found our home and have been enjoying it while making improvements the entire time!

Jonathan, an engineer by trade, is extremely handy and won’t shy away from any project around the homestead!

Kerensa, a disability consultant by day, always is looking to make life better for someone or something and has quite the knack for finding new projects to tackle!

Jonathan and Kerensa before a mountain bike race.

Just like many people, when looking into facing a new challenge, we did lots of reading about the topic, wherever we could find information. In searching out and consuming all of this info, we found that there were resources that provided good, quality content while others looked good on the outside, but lacked the detail that was really needed for the task at hand. This site is our place to share the knowledge that we’ve gained through research and first-hand experience so that you can be confident going into your project with us by your side!